The Business Of Selling Cheap Women's Clothing
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The Business Of Selling Cheap Women's Clothing

Anjaw Arunachal Pradesh India Published date: January 4, 2017

Business is a strategy for selling items or providing services that make a profit for the company's executives. The success of a company is inclusive as to how successful the market was researched before entering into that business. This research has become known as "business intelligence" or "BI". The first usage of this phrase was by Richard Mallory Evans in 1865 used in his collection "Cyclopedia of Commercial and Business Anecdotes".

The phrase emerged again in 1958 by IBM, their computer scientist, Hans Peter Luhn, recognize the potential of "BI." And in the 1980s and 1990s businesses began warehousing data they are paid through BI. However it took the IT men in to retrieve the information making it difficult for the rank-and-file workers to obtain the information any other way. Since that time, technology has been refined, the information, is now stored in clouds and easy enough for the average person to retrieve it. Whether through smartphones or tablets or even the computer system, the average worker can now retrieve this "Business Intelligence." This above information was retrieved from the "History of Business Intelligence," a paper written by Justin Heinze, September 26th, 2014, on the BetterBuys blog site.

This brings us to selling cheap Women's Clothing( online as a business strategy. And why not, it's good business to get inexpensive items to the consuming public. By the use of this "Business Intelligence," online shopping networks can offer clothing much cheaper than in the retail store. Another reason the online shopping experience is much better as far as price goes, is because the clothing doesn't go unsold for long periods time; as in retail stores.

By logging on to One can browse the online offerings. The clothing is displayed by models rather than hanging on racks held in place by hangers. This gives the buyer a look at what the fashions look like on a real person. So, if one is searching for an Off Shoulder( long sleeve warm t-shirt or off shoulder sweater; the styles are numerous enough. You can look at them individually rather than thumbing through hangers on a rack.

A comparison between a couple of online sellers and some physical retail stores show a big difference and what is charged for their items listed on sale. The Off Shoulder Blouses( in the retail stores we're selling for excess of $30. The to online retailers both listed their off shoulder blouses or off shoulder sweaters between $10 and $15. Of course one of those online sources was
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