Where to wear bikini when you travel - Women, bikini and cultural laws
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Where to wear bikini when you travel - Women, bikini and cultural laws

Hattian Azad Kashmir Pakistan Published date: January 17, 2017

When women's bikini was invented, 70 years ago, it was declared illegal in several countries. It was too indecent* Vatican itself interfered. Seven decades away and France debate about women who get to the beach with too many clothes on. There is a long history of legislators, mostly men, who set rules on clothing for women. Now you must wonder how to wear bikini on world's beaches to avoid pejorative comments or even fees. Well, let's see a short list of countries with beaches and their written or not written rules.

In Algeria you can use bikini only on private beaches and hotel's pools areas. On some beaches you can use a Bikini Swimwear(http://www.znu.com/collection/top/swimwear), but even so you may attract glances of disapproval.

It is a Muslim country but, at present, dress standards do not affect tourists. If you travel to the beach you can choose whatever makes you more comfortable: swimsuit or Women's Bikini(http://www.znu.com/collection/top/swimwear).

Chinese women usually cover their body completely to protect their skins at the beach. So you should do the same, no bikini and not even a swimwear, otherwise you would get judgmental stares and comments.

Turkey is also a Muslim country, but a secular one and women of any religion wear bikinis on the beaches.

United Arab Emirates, Oman, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar
"Respect for local culture and customs is highly desirable", United Arab Emirates website says. And this stands for other highly conservative Muslim countries too. That's why take your bikinis, swimsuits, shorts and revealing tops only to the beach resorts, tourists beaches, swimming pools, diving centers.

It's a diverse country with different dress codes, depending on where you travel. So, on some very touristic beaches, like Bali, you'll be fine wearing bikini, elsewhere absolutely not.

The Maldives
Of course, this is an Islamic too, and you can wear almost anything you like inside your resort, but on the village guest houses, bikini swimwear is not allowed.

Though local girls may go swimming with scarves on their heads, tourists have no restrictions to wear bikinis or swimsuits.

Beaches in Russia are rare, but if you travel there on summer, beaches are populated with bikini swimwear bodies and even topless bikini girls.

After this brief introduction, I hope you are able to decide what Swimwear(http://www.znu.com/collection/top/swimwear) you take on vacation, enjoying your experiences despite these confusing and difficult to follow rules.

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