Women's Bikini, Women's Swimwear: Which Swimsuit or Bikini?
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Women's Bikini, Women's Swimwear: Which Swimsuit or Bikini?

Acadia Valley Alberta Canada Published date: January 17, 2017

Women's Swimwear(http://www.znu.com/collection/top/swimwear), every year people wonder what option to take. Should they have a swimsuit or a bikini? Women's bikinis cause many women to tremble in fear but with a simple guide, we can help to alleviate any worries.

If you have a smaller bust, you can then look at Women's Swimwear(http://www.znu.com/collection/top/swimwear) with less support and you can get away with embellishments and heavily designed tops. Triangle style tops and those with ruffles can give you curves where you were lacking in them before. Halter tops can help to lift everything up as well.

If you have an athletic type build the above advice can also be used for yourself. You can also perhaps think of using a swimsuit with well-placed cutouts or geometric designs, these can give you the illusion of curves. Bikini bottoms that tie at that sides can help to make your hips seem curvier.

If you have a larger bust, you will need to find swimwear which offers support as well as looks good on your body. The outfit or bikini top having a thicker strap and a higher back to help keep support for you up there. In order not to have people's gaze settle on your bust, it would be wise to avoid ruffles and heavy embellishments.

If you are curvy, it is best to find designs that can accentuate your curves but also make sure your bust is supported. A good way to help highlight your curves is to use colour blocking and asymmetrical swimsuits, the asymmetry can help to draw people's eye line up to your neck. It is also wise to avoid monokinis and bikinis made of string, both of which can give you an unflattering look.

If you are pear-shaped, it is best to think of the way to balance your body shape. Wear either a swimsuit or a Off The Shoulder Bikini(http://www.znu.com/off-shoulder) that has a skirt bottom, this will help to shape you. A common mistake is to wear a boy short or a bottom with a thick band, this just brings people's eyes to where you don't want them as they accentuate your shape. You can also wear a brightly designed top so as to help bring people's eyes up the way and matched with a plunging neckline should keep eyes up where you want them.

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